Writers and Support of PapersMart Company


In order to provide you with a better knowledge of a website’s services, we decided to conduct a review of Papers Mart and what they offer. We will analyze the elements on their websites along with customer reviews and testimonials found on other websites as well. Here is what we found on our lookout.
Services That They Offer
When it comes to appearance, PapersMart.com looks easy to handle. You have a large range of products to pick from – about fifty, to be more exact – each of them made available once you go to the bottom of the screen. We found this, however, odd. For a website that was so well-thought of, it is weird that you can only find the services when you start scrolling.
Still, once you come across the links, each will take you to a new page that will describe the services in detail. You are also shown the status of the writers and the rating that they got after various completed orders.
Writers and Support
PapersMart seems to be very proud of their writers. As a result, they have entire pages dedicated to them where they show off their experience and qualification. You can even find a section on their website that tells you in detail how each writer was recruited, how they were tested and what their origins are. They also present their majors and explain how your papers will be assigned to them.
Customer service is also available by live chat, e-mail and telephone. The staff people will do their best to answer your questions as well as they can. However, the quirk about it all is that they will only offer full disclosure once you’re all signed up. If you want to find out more about the pricing structures and extra services, you will be required to leave your e-mail.
Pricing Structure
PapersMart.com did their best to make their prices as unambiguous and clear as possible. Generally, they are all based on the type of paper that you require, as well as the urgency, the page number, and the academic level. If you were required to offer a certain page number, you need to keep in mind that pages on Papers Mart are all assumed to be 275 words long. In cases like these, it can be rather expensive to order a long paper.
However, if you are a returning customer, you will have the benefit of discounts. You will receive discounts based on how much you spend in a lifetime:
•    5% for lifetime orders that go over $500;
•    10% for lifetime orders that go over $1,000;
•    15% for lifetime orders that go over $2,000.
We searched for coupon codes or a promo code; however, we could find nothing available regarding these offers.
Do we recommend it? Yes and no. It is not scam or fraud, but it doesn’t really seem to deliver. Due to the lack of reviews and testimonials, we decided to offer PapersMart the rating of “Fair” to “Poor.”